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When I was younger I kept a little journal hidden under my mattress where I would draw and express my creativity, write down my memories, and document my hopes and dreams. It was a safe place for me to express myself without judgment. Now, twenty years later, I am reinventing the little journal I once hid away and sharing it with all of you. Here you will find vulnerability, creativity, and a new found way for me to showcase my work with the world. 

Go ahead, take a look...

As a Chicago Photographer, you could say that my passions are multi-faceted. Over the years perfecting my craft, I have dabbled in several different creative expressions. Family, senior, branding, and wedding photography are some of them. However, one that forever captured my soul and grew into a real thriving passion of mine is boudoir… but […]

Self Luv Club

August 8, 2023

Why Should You Book A Self-Love Photo Session?