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When I was younger I kept a little journal hidden under my mattress where I would draw and express my creativity, write down my memories, and document my hopes and dreams. It was a safe place for me to express myself without judgment. Now, twenty years later, I am reinventing the little journal I once hid away and sharing it with all of you. Here you will find vulnerability, creativity, and a new found way for me to showcase my work with the world. 

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Props are easily one of the best ways to add some spice to any of your photos but especially for your senior photos. Adding props throughout your senior photos not only adds a bit of character and dimension, it helps tell your story. However, basic is not a word that we have over here in […]


September 6, 2023

Prop Ideas For Your Senior Photos in Chicago

Whoever said there was “too much pink”? Not me! One of my favorite parts about being a Chicago Senior Photographer is my gorgeous senior rep team. If you’re wondering what a senior rep team even is, read this blog here. My senior rep team is a group of seniors representing Wren and Rose Photography. Over […]


August 23, 2023

Downtown Chicago Senior Rep Barbie Photoshoot

One thing about me being a Chicago Senior Photographer is that I will never let you get in front of the camera looking anything less than STUNNING. Prior to even getting in front of the camera is all about the prep work. Hair, makeup, attitude, and most importantly what you choose to wear. Basically, what […]


August 16, 2023

What To Wear To Your Senior Portrait Session

As a Chicago Photographer, you could say that my passions are multi-faceted. Over the years perfecting my craft, I have dabbled in several different creative expressions. Family, senior, branding, and wedding photography are some of them. However, one that forever captured my soul and grew into a real thriving passion of mine is boudoir… but […]

Self Luv Club

August 8, 2023

Why Should You Book A Self-Love Photo Session?

You may or may not have caught on that my seniors are my pride and joy. Seriously, I love each and every senior that steps foot in front of my camera. Over the years as a Chicago Photographer, I have had the opportunity to photograph many beautiful seniors. Each one celebrates this milestone moment that […]


August 3, 2023

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Senior Photographer